Noted Quotes 8/22/20


Saw this befor work this morning.....

21 hours ago

Nothing's "getting back to normal", folks.  Not to sound like a doom-and-gloomer, but reality is that this surreal economy dream which we've been living in the last few decades is going to implode in upon itself... EVERYWHERE.  This outcome is not unknown nor surprising.  Our (((monetary overlords))) knew from the enacting of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 that this would be the inevitable outcome.  Results?  Ownership by (((their tribe))) of all levers of governments, media, finance, education, culture... you name it.  Counterfeit currency disguised as real money has a great influence upon a naive and trusting herd of sheeple.

We either acquiesce as slaves to their temporary triumph, or we revolt in the most violent way possible to shirk this parasitic entity from our societal body.  There is no third alternative.

21 hours ago

Don't underestimate your enemy, Bach.  The WEF has January 2021 as their target date...

20 hours ago

I do not underestimate them at all.  Perhaps I OVERESTIMATE the prowess of my kinsmen to awaken in time to thwart (((their))) evil ambitions.

20 hours ago

Yes I somewhat agree with you Bach but this is exactly why we must hope for Trump to be re-elected! Because you don't read about it in the bought and paid for MSM that the Dems control, it is in fact happening...Trump is clearing the swamp and you will soon see some amazing announcements!

20 hours ago

I feel your hope, tornado, but I fear that Trump is mostly smoke & mirrors.  He is obviously a compromised individual.  Yes, he's better than any democratic communist alternative, but he is NOT the answer.  Our once mighty Republic is broken.  It is nonfunctional.  It has morphed into a system of governance by the counterfeit oligarchy... period (The Fed).  From this nefarious fount flows ALL other deathly influence... media, law, education... or ANY other organ.

It must be exposed.  It must be NAMED.  It must be excised like the tumor that it is.

19 hours ago

JSB, those 3 posts are some of the most pointed, accurate and eloquent words ever spoken on ZH.

19 hours ago

Thank you, JD.  You humble me.


But, seriously... it's nothing new.  I am not an "educated" man as far as degrees and societal stature.  However, I pride myself in my pursuits of common sense and logic.  It is not difficult to achieve this knowledge... for knowledge is what it is.  It merely requires an honest and open mind as well as dedication to truth.


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