FFS people. Covid is the flu.....


By Wetwipe  2 hours ago

FFS people.

Covid is the flu.

What is the evidence for covid..?

PCR tests do not work.

The virus has never been isolated.

If the virus has never been isolated how can a vaccine be made?

Yes excess deaths are up, but this is mitigated by deaths of despair along with people having heart attacks, strokes, etc, etc, who were too scared to go to hospital, along with the shutdown of most hospital as they became BS covid only treatment centres..... To hell with the cancer patients.

Nothing adds up.... Nothing makes sense.

This is why your government has to spend millions if not billions on advertising (propaganda) and has to employ behavioural psychologists in order to nudge (or just scare you to death) in to doing the correct (i.e. government approved) action.

C19 is a psyop..... Yes people have got ill with it, the same sort of people that if the TV told them that the sun made you ill would all of a sudden be a deaths door due to the light from the sun. 

It's all a scam, and yes people have made billions... but this is not the reason.

The reason is to take society.... smash it to pieces and create a nation of prisoners, afraid, hidden away, scared of other humans, sat alone with only the TV propaganda for company, slowly wasting away. 

As a race we had a choice, we chose fear and lies over truth and commonsense. Because of this we are now doomed as a race. 

2020 will be nothing compared to 2021, once the majority of the people are broken, then the elite gloves come off.

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